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Mark Gordon
Executive Coach

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The Intentional Life.

Intentional Living is so much more than a catchy phrase. It is also not something that one is BLESSED with.


 Instead, Intentional Living is a goal that one must work to achieve with discipline, tenacity, and levity! 


Like many, sales and leadership coach Mark Gordon is on a constant and never-ending journey to live a more intentional life. 


 There are so many obstacles that make this easier said than done:


  • The running of one of the fastest-growing businesses in America.

  • Navigating the ever-changing Mortgage Industry.

  • Coaching sales and business leaders around the country. 


All while juggling this professional life with the beautiful life he is building with his wife, Nicole, and their three daughters!


Join Mark as he shares with you the hard-fought tips he has earned and the lessons he continues to learn as he attempts to live:


The Intentional Life.

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